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Teacher training courses

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​​serTA runs regular teacher training courses for the RSCDS certificates. Our current RSCDS Teaching Certificate course began in January 2023 and is currently underway with sessions being held in Hertfordshire at weekends up to June 2023.  The course will prepare candidates for Part 1 (Units 1, 2 and 3) or Part 2 (Unit 5) through training and practical exercises to develop skills for successful teaching.  The course tutor is Jane Rose supported by musician Judith Muir.

Volunteers (intermediate or advanced dancers please) would be very much appreciated for both the exam day, Saturday 24th June and also the mocks, Saturday 10th June.  Please email Brian Rose if you can help. 

Our most recent course was completed in August 2021 with 100% success. 


To find out more email us or call Jane Rose on 01923 261167

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