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RSCDS Basic Teaching Skills course

January/February 2024

Tutor:  Jane Rose   Musician:  Ken Martlew



The RSCDS Basic Teaching Skills course took place across two days in January/February 2024 in Chesham.  The course concentrated on MCing at local groups and at bigger events and was aimed at those already leading/teaching, or about to take on a group, but who have not taken the RSCDS Teaching Exams or CTI.  Course elements included

Course elements

1. MC skills
2. Dance analysis
3. Social Dance Planning/Lesson planning
4. Selection of music
5. How to re-cap

6. Class Management
7. How to build up the elements of a dance and put it together
8. Working with a musician
9. The needs of your class/group
10. Use of Voice, particularly in rhythmic counting and coaching

11. Guidance on teaching basic formations
12. How to break down the basic steps for teaching to beginners
13. Warm up and cool down
14. Self-evaluation


Congratulations to all six participants, and thanks to tutor Jane Rose and musician Ken Martlew.

MC course attendees 2024.jpg

Congratulations to all participants who gained

a Record of Completion of a course in

basic Scottish country dance teaching skills

at the 2024 RSCDS Basic Teaching Skills course

“I am so pleased that I took the plunge and signed up for what turned out to be a most enjoyable course. I have learnt an enormous amount and Jane opened my eyes to all the subtleties of how to be a good caller/MC. I look forward to trying things out sometime soon.”


“Many thanks for the Basic Skills teaching course. I found it immensely useful and could see that others did too. It was great to work with them, to learn from the many years’ experience accumulated by you , Jane and by Ken, and to have fun whilst doing it.”

MC course attendees and instructor 2024.jpg
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