Rhythmic counting, coaching and MCing social dances

Presenters     Peter Knight and Colin Duncan

Musician      Ken Martlew

26 September 2021

venue tbc

Sept 2021 workshop.PNG

This workshop will be in two parts:

Morning  Rhythmic counting and coaching     Peter Knight

Peter, from RSCDS London Branch, will lead us through practise and hints on Rhythmic Counting and Coaching of dancers.  This very useful skill gets easier with practice and you will have opportunities to try out the mantras.

Afternoon MCing social dances      Colin Duncan

Colin, from RSCDS BHS Borders Branch, will take us through MCing at Social Dances with sections on how to:

  • run a dance from the stage

  • encourage the last dancers onto the floor to make up sets

  • clearly announce and recap dances

  • work with your musicians to give the best event

You will have opportunities to be the MC.

serTA members who had previously paid for this event, cancelled in 2020, will have early notification and their payments will be carried forward.

We will let you know further details with the venue and how to apply to attend this workshop as soon as possible. 

We look forward to seeing you there.